The Bregenz Festival Choir, called „Bregenzer Festspielchor“ currently has 80 active or supportive members. 40 of them sing in this year’s „Carmen“ on the lake stage. Our active members are mostly singing students or professionally trained singers who frequently have several years of experience in opera performance and choir singing. Contact us at any time, if you want to get involved in our choir or have any suggestions

Benjamin Lack
Benjamin LackArtistic Director
Simone Toschkoff
Simone Toschkoff1. Chairwoman and President
Heidi Caviezel
Heidi CaviezelChoir Manager
Bea Weishäupl
Bea Weishäupl2. Chairwoman and Vice President
Manfred Barbisch
Manfred BarbischTreasurer
Lilli Löbl
Lilli LöblAdviser
Joachim Schneider
Joachim SchneiderSecretary, Website